ListMP3 Directory of Free and Legal MP3 Files was a directory of free and legal mp3 files on the internet. 
Content is from the site's archived files and other outside sources. was a directory of free and legal mp3 files on the internet. It was live approximately between 2000 to 2001. Its domain expired and the site was bought at one point to host a Russian site called PeterHost.Ru. Recently I discovered that the domain was once again available so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages. I had utilized (found lots of bands I would never in a million years have ever heard) and I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent. If you come across this site you can treat it as a historical record or as a nostalgic stroll back to 2000 when not everyone was trying to rip MP3's to their own purpose. I applaud the creators of the original site for offering much insight and legitimate accessibility to MP3 files, permitting artists to promote their material, reviews of listed artists, and helpful links to other cool sites.

Some of my friends, when we were much younger, posted their music on ListMP3. We all wanted to be musicians. Since those times most of us have moved in new directions. As of now I am working for a progressive software development firm. I have just finished a job helping a large medical center integrate all their different systems into a streamline, well functioning machine. Another part of the job was to create custom apps for medical data analytics and the teams that do Salesforce consulting. I believe that big Data Healthcare is going to revolutionize the entire healthcare industry as does Salesforce. The now have a health / medical platform that is aimed at the businesses within the healthcare marketplace. Access to a larger quantity of personal healthcare data plus an improved ability to analyze these data sets will influence how consumers shop for healthcare, how healthcare is delivered, and even the kind of care and medicine consumers receive. It's exciting to be in the vanguard. I still play my guitar to relax and occasionally get together with friends to jam. But none of us actually pursued a career in music. When I look down the list of artists that submitted music way back in 2000, I wonder how many of them are making a living at it.

I'm constantly surprised at all the musical talent out there. Recently learned that the guy who handled the SEO for this site is/was a composer and is not only a musician, but was the head of A&R for Paramount Records. He then composed tv/film scores and ran a music production firm with a recording studio in NYC. This person now heads the search consultancy TNG/Earthling and is one of the most sought after SEOs because of his successes in ranking sites in Google. That person is Bob Sakayama. Do a search for him to see both his music and his SEO chops. I wonder if he still composes.


The list of artists available at offered a large number of artists that visitors may or might not have ever heard of. I will include just a sampling. In addition ListMP3 had links to other sites of interest. Some were rated and others were not. I would assume that most of these sites no longer exist since it's been more than 15 years from when they closed up shop. But hey, you never know.


Now Flashing Back to circa 2000

What's New is a new website for artists to promote their material. As this site grows, more features may be added over time. This site is not affiliated with any other site such as,,,, or any others. The aim is to have an extensive index of artists across all sites which allow fans of such artists the opportunity to review songs and offer comments. does not offer hosting of mp3 files for artists. To participate in this site your material must already be accessible on another legal mp3 site which offers such services, or hosted on your own server.

What's Next?

Coming in the next few days will be some improvements to the home page. This will include a random band feature section where each time the page is viewed the viewer is greeted with a different band at random selected from the artist database. I also plan to implement listener reviews, possibly random based in the next coming week or two.

As more artists are listed genre listings will be implemented to replace the current alphabetical list. This will be done after enough artists are listed to make this plausible.

Music is being heard and reviews are being written, these will be posted within a week.

Also, the software program that does a lot of my work for me will be made available to the public after the debugged beta copy is completed and a basic help file written. No estimated date yet, but I estimate around the first week of the new year.

Lots more, stay tuned!



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All submissions must refer to legal mp3 files from sites such as,, or any other acceptable site. Your files must be free and easily accessible.

At this time, artist submissions are reviewed before a page in our index is created. This is to check for accuracy and ensure that spamming of our index does not occur. Repeated submissions may be cause your entry to be completely removed. Currently entries are being added in one or two days but it may take one or two weeks for your entry to appear on our site. Please be patient.

Currently when you are added to the site you are given a page with your information and links and are linked into the search feature and become eligible for feature spots or recommended files and reviews. Your submissions are also indexed into a database which will drive the random band features and genre listings coming in the near future. This is a free service.


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Examples of Artists' Profiles


 Name Danny Hunter....old hacker that has kinda retired from the gig scene. Cant seem to get music out of my system though so I am dwelling on writing and recording. It is mainly for my own satisfaction but since MP3 came along I am having a ball sharing my works with folks from all over the world. I have played semi professionally for 3 decades (mostly bass guitar) and pretty well had a go at any type of music at some point or another and have worked with some fine musicians over the years. My writing seems to always take on a country feel so that is the direction I decided to capture in the recordings even though the musicians that are helping me out with the backup have roots from blues to jazz to rock and roll so the outcome is interesting to say the least. Listen and enjoy and feel free to contact me with your comments good or bad. Boots (Danny Hunter)

Similar Artists

Bob Dylan, The Band, The Boss, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, etc. Influenced but not similar

Additional Information

Ok so I may not be a singer but my I wrote 'em and arranged 'em. review

Danny Hunter (Boots)

Danny Hunter (aka Boots) with the help of some superbly talented musicians has managed to create an amazing catalog of Alternative Country and Rockabilly music. If you aren't a fan of country music this material will show you what good country music is like (and probably make you a fan, if reluctantly.) Country music fans will love it. Hunter writes all his own music and provides a new spin on the traditional style. His voice is strong, bluesy and powerful and blends beautifully with the often included female backup vocals. Fancy fiddling, piano and guitar work all combine to make for an excellent listening experience. Don't miss it, listen to Boots today!


Artist Profile : Jimmy Luttrell

Intricate and amazing in technique and arrangement, Jimmy Luttrell combines his 48 years of experience playing guitar, with arrangements that are sure to amaze you and become a part of you. His first of 5 solo projects is Midnight Groove. Jimmy's smooth, intricate, guitar work, with influences from all of all his guitar heroes: Django Reinhardt for his swing jazz style, Les Paul for multiple recording, Merle Travis for his finger style, George Van Epps for his chordal movements, and Jimmy Webster for his touch system. A style the great player Chet Atkins made so popular in country music, Jimmy Luttrell takes it further, with his Jazz. Latin and Salsa beats, Sambas in minor modes, to the Euro-Jazz sound of Lady with the Golden Hair. Once you have listened to Jimmy's fantastic music You will agree, it becomes a part of you. A guitarist for the Drifters and Spade Cooley, he also has worked with Bobby Rydell, Bobby Vinton, Brenda Lee and many many others.

Similar Artists

Django Reinhardt, Les Paul


Artist Profile: Aquarian Age

It was 1995 when the guitar player, singer and composer Christian Grill met bass player Gerold Mayr at one of these Jamsessions, and founded this band. Now, 2687 years later, we are still tavelling around the world with our 5000 trucks, from one World Tour to the next, to show our enthusiastic audience where basses are built. Well, that´s it.. ;


Similar Artists

Marcus Miller, Sting, Keziah Jones, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Mother Earth, Jamiroquai, soon also Pink Floyd or similar stuff!

Additional Information

THE AUSTRIANS ARE COMING! Europeans with soul. This versatile band fronted by Christian Grill demonstrates a range of styles, quality musicianship, and great production throughout their impressive catalog. (...)There are many fine qualities to this band which make it very worthy of further exploration by anyone who appreciates quality musicianship, story lines, and production. Check 'em out! - WIFE


Artist Profile : Anne Minnery

Nominated for Female Vocalist of 1999, this Cool Canadian Country Chick offers her CD "Where Do I Fit In" for preview, download and easy purchase. Anne is enjoying airplay worldwide and was recently featured at Birch Radio in the UK, the playlist including such greats as Dolly Parton, Roy Orbison, the Dixie Chicks, and Bonnie Rait. She is currently listed in the Top 50 Indie Charts in Kentucky (Dec/99) and has enjoyed featured success at and Come and catch the excitement!

Similar Artists

Anne lists these artists as influences, in style and songwriting abilities. Kris Kristofferson, Reba McEntire, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, kd lang, Shania Twain, Rita McNeil. She has been likened to Patsy Cline, Trisha Yearwood and Dotty West.

Additional Information

Anne is presently writing songs for her second CD which should be available in the summer of 2000.


Artist Profile : Ady DeeJay

My name is Adrian Dumitrascu, I'm 30 years old and I live in Bucharest, Romania. Actually, I'm in position of IT System Supervisor in one of Romanian banks and the computers world is my best place for relax since I have 15. I'm very happy to send my love message, peace and all the beautiful things through my own music. I have started to compose about 12 years ago but I never had released my music ... sorry (some people told me that I'm really very good). I try every day to find a girl with a beautiful voice. My dream is to have a song in an "Dream Dance" album. I am alone... and after work and especially in weekends, I work on my computer to make some music; after 2-3 weeks can I say that my music must be released, and after that my friends comes with their opinions...I tried to make a real band but my friends have no acknowledge about electronic music on computer...


Artist Profile: A Band Called Gus

This is a project that didn't fit within the two bands we work in, the music is in glorious mid-fi with equal amounts of guitars, synths and loops but don't throw us in a box saying electronic music, some of it is but a lot of it is more straight forward. This music is a rough mix, it has warts that could have been removed but we liked the simple production and being able to write whatever we felt like doing. Music style: all over the place, slow, fast.... Musical influences: bands we like Radiohead, Pixies, Smiths, Eels Artist history: This is a recent project which we may do again if time allows. We had a great time doing this album. Group members: Gus Weed: keyboards, sequences Gus B. : vocals, guitar, bass, loops, keyboard Instruments: guitar, bass, many synthesizers, sampled and resampled material.



LEGAL MP3 SITES The biggest site for legal mp3 files boasts over 20,000 artists. Site offers DAM CDs made from mp3 files and free downloads. rating:4 A new site which is still in "Beta" phase. This site aims to be a publishing house as well as an artist site (artists, talk to a lawyer before agreeing to anything like this.) Still, the site offers listener reviews and some other nice features. rating:4 Founded by Ken Wirt, the visionary behind Diamond Multimedia's Rio portable MP3 music player.  Another site which allows artists to upload material to their servers. rating:3 Somewhat quirky to navigate, nonetheless a fairly decent mp3 site for indie artists. rating:3

Ultimate Band List ( Part of the Artist Direct Network. This site also caters to independent artists while looking more like or in that signed pop starts frequently appear on their cover pages and news stories. rating:3 Allows artists to critique each other anonymously. Not very much of a listener friendly site but rather caters to the artists. rating:2 Most notable for their spam campaign targeting cakewalk users. rating:1


Electronic Musician Magazine One of the leading authorities for electronic music is this monthly magazine. rating:4

Keyboard Magazine Another great magazine for electronic artists. rating:4

OTHER RECOMMENDED SITES The best internet radio you've ever heard. rating: Another great listing of independent mp3 artists. rating:4 A new mp3 review site. rating:4 A large review site which has extensive lists of artists and brief comments on each. rating:3 An old site that needs overhauling but there's some cool stuff linked in there. rating:n/a Denise Mackiewicz photography. It's a cool website! Sign the guestbook. rating:n/a